Hakomi Spain November 2021

As usual, it will be a cosmopolitan and international group of people with diferent origins and interests. It is a Multi Level format and we are please to announce that we will hosting a large number of people with a large experience in Hakomi.

This module will be facilitated by Trudy Jonshton (UK) and Sophie Cattier (Switzerland) who will be as usual assisted by Carlos Ramírez and David Medina.


November, 4t to 8th, 2019.


Rigth at Bilbao Downtown. , Rampa de Uribitarte, 2, Bilbao,


We will meet from 10:00 a 18:30, with around 2 hours for lunch.


There are plenty of fab restaurants and tapas places around the venue.



You could send email to info@hakomi.es and we will provide the bank account number. The cost of each module of 5 days is 600 Euros, with an early bird discount, ( 30 days before the start ) of 550 euros. There is also the benefit ( 500 euros a module) of a 3 modules commitment (sept – feb -june). In this case 600 must be paid a month before the start of the module and them 300 euros at the start of each of the next three modules.


For any other information do not hesitate to phone 00 34 665702282- Carlos Ramirez and 0034 666 454 898 David Medina

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