Hakomi Spain International

Dear International Students and Practicioners,

Our Hakomi Spain Training in Bilbao, has become a worldwide popular destination for students willing to learn the method. The leadeship of Georgia Marvin, Senior trainer of the Method, one of the persons named by Ron Kurtz as Trustee to spead the method, has given Bilbao Training a very high standing.

Georgia created a team of trainers composed by some of the best known trainers in Europe,  Trudy Johnston, Sophie Cattier, Bettina Deuster and Caroline Braham are all involved in our trainig. And we have the close contact and support of Donna Martin in the growth and supervision of our groups.

For now, we organize our training in Bilbao in Basque Country, in the North of Spain. Basque area is an amazing tourist destination popular for its culinary richness, and the sea and mountain surroundings, you can find more info at Basque Tourism Web. There are also regular Hakomi groups and circles in Bilbao and Pamplona.

We usually run trainings in September, February and June. This is the list of our next training dates:

All our trainings are presented in English with consecutive translation to spanish. In every group there have been a fair number of english speakers with students coming from Mexico, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, France, Uk, Chez Republic, Canada, USA, Ireland, Holand etc… luckyly enough there are many already certified Hakomi practitioners also coming to our groups which make them even richer….

so as we say in Hakomi… You are all welcome!!!


We have a nice referece list for the Method both in English and Spanish in our References Section


We are also ready to announce that we will be hosting in Bilbao, the next International Gathering of the Hakomi Educational Network in September 2019. (dates to be confirmed)


You can contact us via email:


or phone:

Carlos- 00 34 665 702282 or David-00 34 666454898

Una respuesta a “Hakomi Spain International

  1. Estimados Hakomi España,

    Me interesaria participar de los modulos y/o talleres de formación en Hakomi.

    En mi caso, soy de Argentina y quisiera hacer esta actividad para que me ayude en mi desarrollo personal, por lo que les pido me indiquen cual seria el paso a seguir.

    Muchas Gracias,

    Raúl Rico

    + 549166027842


    Me gusta


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